ILAB 39 – Harry Dent: Demographics, Bubbles, and The Sale of a Lifetime

Harry Dent: Demographics, Bubbles, and The Sale of a Lifetime

“People drive our economy, not government”

     Harry Dent     

Harry Dent is the reigning expert on demographic trends, consumer fundamentals, and bubbles. He is known for his unique research into how demographic and consumer cycles in spending impact our economies around the world. Throughout his long career as an economic forecaster, he has relied largely on demographics as the key indicator of things to come, accurately predicting the Japanese bust in ’89 and the global recession of ’08.

His must-read new book The Sale of a Lifetime looks deep into the issues facing the global economy today, why we should prepare and protect ourselves, and how to take advantage of buying assets at fire sale prices. Mr. Dent joins us to discuss his research, bubbles, and why you should be paying attention to demographics now more than ever.

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ILAB 39 Show Notes

Mr. Dent’s Links:

Twitter – @HarryDentjr

Facebook – @EconomyMarkets

Youtube – Harry S. Dent Jr.


Mr. Dent’s Research:

Dent Research – Sign up for their free newsletter

Harry Dent – Get his new book “The SALE of a Lifetime”


Mr. Dent’s Books:



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Show Notes:

02:39 – Excerpt from A Sale of a Lifetime

06:00 – Accidental economist

11:28 – Japanese bust in 89’

16:40 – Next demographic boom

19:20 – Buying stock & real estate

23:27 – Cut tax and spend more

26:04 – Government bonds

30:40 – Deflation and inflation

35:17 – Economy driver and crashes

38:00 – House flipping in California

44:03 – China RMB

47:53 – Should you trust China?

55:36 – Sam’s plan for an economy crash

1:00:06 – Johnny’s plan for making a sale of a lifetime


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  • T-RollExpress

    Guys, really enjoy the podcast. Fun to hear you both try to figure out what to do with all those investment options. Your attitudes are a refreshing change from many others who pretend to know everything. Speaking of those kind of people, I’m not buying Harry Dent. Sam may have a survivalist mindset that easily imagines the looming crash of the American financial system, so he’s an easy target. And Dent sure seems like one smart dude, and demographics are definitely a key economic component. But it ain’t that easy. Not long ago he started up a couple of expensive mutual funds that were supposed to make mountains of money by tracking his theories on demographics. Oops, they bombed and were shut down quickly. Oh well, sometimes the best evangelicals tell the best stories.

  • Patrick

    26:05 gov gonds , appeal to the past , great depression (not a logical argument), but implies that deflation is goin to occur (logical argument). so it sounds like his thinking is that gov debt will go down or something so the value of gov bonds will go up?